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one of the most powerful pieces of writing I've ever seen, and I can't wait to explore the rest...

I downloaded your free ebook yesterday, and read about 50 pages before looking up.  I believe the praise and awards are well-deserved. Awesome writing and reflection.  I know I'll enjoy reading and learning more-- one of those rare books that spring ahead of the "I should read that" shelf into "can't put it away."  I owe you a book sale. 

I'm more tuned into everything in my personal life, thanks to your writings. It is subtle, but your stand strengthened my own resolve to offer back more understanding to those spirits I had labeled bigoted. You have endeared my understanding of Eckhart Tolle's NOW. That's a lot you've influenced in my life. I send my care and affection for you and your family.

Benjamin Franklin Award

Gold Medal

I finished the book a few weeks ago but it was difficult for me to say good-by. I appreicate, of course, that you took the ride and wrote the book to support our world but what really touched my soul was your own personal honesty and journey toward personal and relational soul searching vulnerability. To choose that is a rare gift to a community and to our planet. Gentle blessings to you, Anne and your family.

Lars, I just read your Introduction. At my work, we encourage people to get introspective, but I've never seen anyone go anywhere near that deep.  My first reaction when I finished was "Holy crap!", but then I thought "How can I say that to a minister without it being taken the wrong way?"  That is one of the most powerful pieces of writing I've ever seen, and I can't wait to explore the rest.

Thank you for sharing Jody's book forward!  He did you justice!!!  We're SO proud of you, and SO grateful for you and what you continue to do to change the world! 

Healing happens in so many ways, and your book gives me great hope in where GLBT equality is moving.  With more straight people like you willing to take up the fight, we can all have more hope.

Best of all is the understanding that allies must realize the immense responsibility they bear to help bring change. Thank you for undertaking this journey and sharing it with us. My wife followed several links on your web site and said something we've both known for some time: We have a lot of work to do.

I just finished your intro. Wish I knew someone like Poetry Man. He must have been a hell of good teacher.

Book of the Year Award
Gay/Lesbian Non-Fiction
Gold Medal

"your life overflows with joy, love, and a well of compassion." 

"I experienced 20 years of ecclesiastical abuse and "reparative therapy", so it is deeply meaningful to me and others with similar life stories that a pastor would do what you have done."

"I am a mother of a 17 year old gay son.....just found out a few months ago. I am scared for my son with this world. I praise you and am proud of you! I told my son about your book. God bless you and be safe." 

"I am a gay minister. Thank you SO MUCH for your courage.  Your insights are keen.  Your writing consistently brilliant, enlightening, questioning, supportive and ongoing."

"I am a gay woman in the deep south and my partner and I are lucky to work together. We endured several years of harassment at work and we've survived it with our heads held high.  We have been together in a committed relationship for almost 9 years and we are raising two beautiful children together that had been given away and left to perish."

"As a gay man, I literally cried at certain parts from your book."


IPPY Award
Award Winner

"Our stories are so different, and yet so the same.  I am a lesbian.  I'm not sure anymore if I can call myself a Christian.  Thanks for your honesty." 

"I am overwhelmed at what you have accomplished. There is no other way to say it. I am 60yrs old, in a 30 yr relationship and before that was married for almost 10 yrs..."