Supporting Organizations

My unicycle journey depended every day on the hospitality of strangers.  Sharing word of Straight Into Gay America and my equal rights journey continues to depend on all who share the vision for equality.

Thank you to these organizations for website links, newsletter articles and sharing the Straight Into Gay America story..

Thanks for the Foreword to Straight Into Gay America.  Thanks for your support of individuals and your advocacy for an equal rights society.
Thank you for helping stop Spiritual Violence against LGBT people.  Great to hold my book release with you in Colorado at the 1000 Watt March
Marriage Equality:
Thank you for your marriage equality work and for your book Davina, "Why You Should Give a Damn About Gay Marriage." 
Gay Into Straight America:
Sister journey to my own.  Thanks for your year on the road to establish Authentic Connections.
Human Rights Campaign:  Thanks for national leadership and your attention to faith and religion issues in the LGBT community.
Thanks for your marriage equality work  and your website listing of what same sex parents and children are denied when they can't marry.
Out In The Mountains: Thanks for your early review and support from Vermont, Church Street Freedom Press: Thanks for your support from Tennessee. To read the article, Click here.

Are you spreading the news about Straight Into Gay America?  Let us know and we'll add you to our thank you list.

Thank you also to Charles Kidwell.