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Saying We Believe in Equal Rights:
Meeting a gruff security officer. Despite beliefs about the sinfulness of homosexuality and even radical "gay agendas," almost all of us agree, we believe in Equal Rights.

Saying We Love Everybody.
Encounters in Connecticut: Almost All Christians will say, "We're called to love everyone."  This higher calling often conflicts with making judgments against LGBT people.

The Difference Between Unicyclist and LGBT Rights.
In some areas we appreciate uniqueness. In other areas we demand conformity.  Unicycling and LGBT Equal Rights exemplify this difference.

A Vision for Children:
From a Conversation with Darrold Hunt, after a meeting of the DC Coalition.  Their vision states, "As Proud of our Gayness, As We Are of our Blackness."

"Couldn't Care Less" and "The Love of Jesus."
A discouraging enounter. I thought Jesus was supposed to make us care more, not to care less.

A Mother's Letter on the Church's Discrimination Against Her Gay Son.
Quoted in the Epilogue of Straight Into Gay America, this letter was written by Randi Reitan a few weeks after the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America National Assembly.  Her letter, "Why We Must Find a New Church Home," was published in the Minneapolis Star.

Don't Ask. Don't Tell.  A church Encounter.
Two days on a church seminary brought me face to face with the pain of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policies that parallel military rules.

Contradictions between Church, Religion, and Jesus
Institutions and Jesus' message of compassion have lived in tension ever since he preached his message.  An encounter with a mentor I've named Poetry Man.

Mutation Theology – Learning from e-coli
Most people get plenty of encouragement to live a status quo life, but it's harder to find encouragement for stepping outside the standard boundaries.  Thoughts on e-coli bacteria, unicycles, and the value of society's margins

50 Years Together - 1 Year Married
After 50 years of life together, a gay marriage finally becomes recognized by the state of Massachusetts.

Straight Into Gay America:
My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights.
by Lars Clausen
(Soulscapers, 2006)


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