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Supporting Immigration Monday
Apr 28, 2006

This Monday I won't be taking a paycheck home. Instead I'll join the immigration reform work and school boycott.  The connection to my Straight Into Gay America Tour is the same justice question as always:  Do we divide this world into US versus THEM, or do we recognize our common humanity and live out the truth that we're all in this together? 

There are many sides and many factors involved in immigrant reform. I don't know as much as I should, but attending an anti-racism workshop in our Chelan community convinced me that I want to be supportive of the current call for immigration justice. I heard:

  1. 98% of the wealth in this country is controlled by white people. Just 2% is left to split between African-American, Asian, Latin American and Native American people.
  2. Here in Chelan,  Hispanic students are not allowed to speak Spanish in the hallways of their high-school.

"Allies listen, and they believe what they hear." Blaming immigrants is a misplaced target for dealing with our domestic and international woes. How is it that we've structured the distribution of wealth so solidly into the banks of white people?

If you're asking why I'm addressing immigration this Monday instead of sticking with LGBT equal rights. I often get asked the opposite question, too. I copied this section out of the upcoming Straight Into Gay America Book. 


People ask me why I'm riding Straight Into Gay America instead of some other bigger cause. I answer that queer justice is what I have experience with. The truth is the big picture scares me; how do you engage globalization, climate change, environment, and economic fairness.  How do you help ancient religions adapt to a modern world? How do you drain an ocean? I have to hope that the professor I met back at the seminary, is right, "The dynamics are all the same." I have to trust that compassion anywhere is a good thing for compassion everywhere.

Continuing best wishes as we keep trying to figure out how to live well together,


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