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Straight Into Gay America: Preview Three Chapters Today!
May 16, 2006

Straight Into Gay America: My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights, is now part of the public square!

Thank you for entering into this pivotal moment of my life.

All it takes is for you to CLICK HERE or on the bookcover image for the first three chapters free. Already you can meet David, Peg, Sara, Danielle, and more.

  • The ebook download is free
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  • Travels to friends at the command, FORWARD. 
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Equal Rights:
I knew when I started riding last summer I was entering into one of the most polarizing discussions in the United States.

With voting on the Federal Marriage Amendment scheduled for June 5th,  the polarization in our country is as great as ever. 

As you'll read in the Introduction:

I rode my unicycle to collect everyday stories, to show that queer people live normal lives, that there's nothing to be afraid of from gay people, that the friendships I've developed through the years can be found everywhere, and that the church's damnation of gay people is all wrong. I rode as a pastor to argue a point.

Download the free ebook to share the question and the hope that I wrote of at the beginning of the Introduction:

What if we celebrated LGBT difference as easily as the difference between bicycling and unicycling, as a gift to be thankful for among all the standard wheel arrangements? 

So, here it is, my attempt to tell the everyday stories of the LGBT and straight people I met on this journey.  Here is my imperfect best effort to share the conviction that peace, justice, compassion, and equal rights are the way forward for to celebrate our common humanity.  The adventure is just beginning.  Thanks for helping to shape and to propel this journey forward.

Pre-Order the Trade Paperback Edition.

Pre-Order the Full ebook Edition

Ships by July 20th Publication Date--
The one-year anniversary
of finishing the tour

Ships by June 1 --
In time to read the full story before
the Federal Marriage Amendement Vote.

10% discount on all orders received before the Senate votes
on the Federal Marriage Amendment
(Scheduled for June 5th)

The Importance of Pre-Ordering:

  • Pre-Ordering helps us plan our initial book printing order
  • Planning the print run saves us money
  • You shares the savings with the 10% pre-order discount

This is an exhilirating Newsletter to share.  Thanks for allowing this story into your life.

Blessings for the journey,


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