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Helping Soulforce at Focus On The Family
Jun 17, 2006

Growing fast. 

Biggest Day: This past Wednesday an anonymous saint mailed a page from A-Page-A-Day to her or his list of contacts. We received an extra 450 visitors to our website that day and 44 new signups for A-Page-A-Day. It was our biggest day ever.

How about you?  Have you tried A-Page-A-Day?  Will you take a moment to invite your contacts?

Who can argue with FREE? It's the single most effective way to share this Equal Rights story. 

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Unicycling is a solitary endeavor, so I was glad when Soulforce called and asked me to join their upcoming march for justice.  I'll be celebrating the publication of Straight Into Gay America with them, on July 18th. That's the exact one-year anniversary date of finishing my pedaling in Washington D.C.  More about that coming up.

I hope you're as glad to receive this invitation to participate as I was to get my invitation from Soulforce.  

  • Add your energies to help stop Focus On the Family's anti-gay emphasis. 
  • Come in person if you can. 
  • Contribute to the cause even if you can't be there in person.

In brief: 





The 1,000
Watt March

July 17- 22, 2006

From the Capitol in Denver  to Focus on The Family in Colorado Springs

Concluding on July 22 with a Vigil and a Concert (with Broadway Star Billy Porter and Actor Chad Allen)

About Focus On The Family:
  Why This Matters

My friend Janet recently sent a sermon by her pastor Adam Blons. I'm quoting a bit of it here--as good a description as I can find of why I'll be with Soulforce in Colorado.

The mission of Focus on the Family, founded by Dr. James Dobson is "To cooperate with the Holy Spirit in disseminating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible, and, specifically, to accomplish that objective by helping to preserve traditional values and the institution of the family" (http://www. Thirty years later, Focus on the Family has 2.3 million subscribers to 10 magazines. Dr. Dobson is heard daily on 3,000 radio stations in North American and over 6,000 stations in 116 countries world wide. He has an estimated audience of over 200 million people. Just what is he saying to people? Listen to these examples of articles on their website:

  • Is Your Son Glad To Be A Boy? How Radical Feminism Harms Boys
  • Shaping Your Child's Will…Parents' Actions And Reactions That Are Key In Teaching Submission
  • How A Husband Should Handle His Wife's Submission
  • An Ounce Of Prevention--Steps Parents Can Take So Children Will Not Choose To Be Gay
  • Why Not Take Her Out For A Test Drive?--Why Cohabitation Is Not All It's Cracked Up To Be.

In fairness, there are also many articles that any one of us might find useful.

  • How To Help When Your Spouse Is Depressed
  • Big Dreams On A Small Budget
  • When Spouses Don't Agree About Church
  • Creating Intimacy And Friendship In Marriage

The appeal is real solutions for everyday family problems. The problem is, that underneath the self-help appeal is an anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-sex education, evangelical Christian political machine that has totally monopolized the national debate of family values.

The agenda of Focus on the Family is to prune back the changes in American families to what it has decided is the one ideal family. And let's be real--this means the nuclear family: two straight white parents, biological children, Christian, patriarchal, and while women are afforded the option of working, there is still the assumption that men are better at bread-winning and women are better at bread-baking. And no matter if you accept this ideal or not, it is still hangs on everyone's wall next to the rest of our family pictures. And while many American families look nothing like that, we still find ourselves dealing with it.

Focus On The Family is so big it has its own Zip Code.  Last year, a few hundred Soulforce members gathered there to deliver a letter to James Dobson, asking him to stop speaking spiritual violence against LGBT people. 

Focus on the family reacted by shutting their entire operation down for a whole day.  Soulforce came in peace last year.  They come in peace again this year.  They're asking for your support. I'm pleased to join in asking you make this event a huge success.

Kind regards,


Soulforce Mission Statement

"The purpose of Soulforce is freedom for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people from religious and political oppression through the practice of relentless nonviolent resistance."

Wherever you are on your journey of faith,
Whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity,
Whatever your religion, race, age, ability, color, or creed,
You are welcome to join us in learning, teaching, and applying
the 'soul force' principles of relentless nonviolent resistance
as taught by Gandhi and King
as we work together to stop spiritual violence
against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people
that flows out of the teachings and actions
of religious leaders and their communities of faith.
-The People of Soulforce

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