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May 12, 2006

Book Cover Selection:
Almost 60 people spoke up for the Straight Into Gay America book cover.  "This makes good sense," I thought, each time I read a new comment  Thank you. 

An art teacher wrote to me. "I'm not a book designer, but that curve is a great design. Edgy and eye-catching." 

The weave has strong supporters too. "Picture yourself walking thru airport departure area. Waiting passengers are sitting patiently reading their books.  Your book is in several hands - what does it look like?  What visual message does it send out?"

I'm choosing the edgy cover. Straight into Gay America has raised new edges in my life and is forcing me to think deeply about how I value life. This cover reminds me to stay close to my own story.  Many of you liked my photo on the cover, so Kent put our Soulscaper logo on the cover.  Anne made this logo for our One Wheel - Many Spokes 50 state journey. Now he's turning into the little red Equal Rights Guy.

Some call the cover angry.  Others say it's bright and attractive.  Last night I walked by the grocery store rack of bestselling paperbacks and stopped for a look. I imagined Straight Into Gay America catching someone's eye. Maybe it will give a place to let emotions focus without prescribing the emotion for the reader. A pastor friend wrote, "there's more metaphor in this cover." Checking out the top 20 sellers, I think Kent's cover will get a look.

I'm also hopeful that this comment is true, "Whichever cover you choose is fine. The story will sell this book."  Thank you all for excellent help.

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