LGBT Advocacy began for me when I got kicked out of seminary in 1989.  (Read this episode.)

Riding Straight Into Gay America brought my involvement with the LGBT community to a new and deeper level.

Along with speaking about Straight Into Gay America,  I've got a few projects going.

Pastor on Trial:
Keeping track of the current trial of ELCA Pastor Brad Schmeling, under trial for pastoring while gay.  Read More.

Visions and Expectations:
Since its founding in 1990, hundreds of ELCA gay and lesbian pastors have left their positions as pastors. Some have been forced out.  Others have left to keep their sexual identity hidden. 
Read these stories.

Understanding Homosexuality:
A blogalogue:  ELCA Pastor David Glesne has published Understanding Homosexuality and distributed copies to each of the 11,000 ELCA congregations.  This book raises serious questions for me.  Thankfully, Pastor Glesne has agreed to a public blogalogue with me to discuss perspectives on homosexuality. 
Read the blog.

Straight Into Gay America:

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